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I’ll never get tired of the way she looks. her face is so unique and exciting fucckkkk, she’s a godess in our century lol

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This is something everyone should watch coming into the new year, enjoy and share! 

Everytime I have a some what serious talk with my mom I figure out so much. Without her telling me anything I connect so much together and I can’t ever help but to feel this way. The way I am deep inside was molded by her & my father. Unintentionally and unoticeable but I’ve never been taught to put my feelings out in the open because what I felt was most of the time unimportant or irelivant to anything. I was always taught the hard way. Those are some things that can create a strong individual. Or maybe just someone that doesn’t ever know how to sum out how they really feel, sometimes I feel trapped in my own thoughts and feelings..they wanna come out but it feels uncomfortable to speak them out loud. It never comes natural and at the end of the day if I don’t act it all out or I’m not at my highest potential of trusting and being comfortable around someone how I feel and why I really do things will never be known. As a child I been thru far more than anyone will ever know and that’s nothing I pitty over. I’m a very well happy person and someone that’s content with life and what it has to offer. I need to somehow fix this before I chase myself away from someone I could really love one day. At the end of the day, in the future where ever I am, whatever I’m doing I just want to be happy..idc what it is I’m doing b.c I refuse to repeat the life of my awesome mother. Id love to know what makes her wanna wake up every morning with a pasted smile on her face. Why she doesn’t change the fact that she’s unhappy and what the secret is, I wish there was something I didn’t know that keeps her going everyday the way that she does. I wanna know why she puts up with so much if she doesn’t like it and why she doesn’t put up a fight! Because nobody stops her from doing so, god I love that lady and ill do whatever to make sure she’s happy one day on the real

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My heart would do it before it even had time to consult with my mind. Those would be the two words my heart has been waiting to hear for a couple of years now & as soon as it gets the open door it’ll jump right in like there is nothing wrong with it. Just say it, “love me”

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I started feeling completely self-conscious and thought, god I must look pretentious, sitting in the back, Wayfarers on, black tweed coat ripped at the shoulder, chain smoking, faded copy of The Fountainhead in my lap.

—Bret Easton Ellis 

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I am Catman


I am Catman